How to Get Rid of Genital Warts Methods

Genital warts occur in the penis area of men due to HPV viruses – Human Papilloma Virus, which get accumulated in the body due to unhealthy food habits, smoking, alcohol, lifestyle changes, and occasionally the weather, too. These warts not only look unhealthy on your penis but they can also get transmitted to your partner through sexual contact and cause cervical cancer. It is thus, really important to remove these warts from your genital area.

Genital-Warts-TreatmentIn order to remove the warts, you would have to initially make sure that the HPV virus is completely killed in your body and the warts have no disease semblance. Though there are pills and medications available to combat HPV, the best way to get rid of them would be through injections medically. Though the HPV virus occurrence can be completely eradicated from the body, warts cannot be removed from the body, and they need special treatments and procedures so you can eradicate them.

Some common wart removal processes are:

1.    Skin treatments:

There are several creams and lotions available in the market that you should rub on your penis region. Try consulting your doctor first and then decide on which medication to purchase.

2.    Operations:

There are surgical procedures to remove the warts too, though they would take a long while to heal and can be tremendously painful. You can dry them, burn them, or use laser methods to completely remove the warts away from your penis.

3.    Home treatments:

A lot of home treatments also are taken to ensure that the warts disappear as soon as possible. Home treatments involve rubbing the warts, and using taping procedures to get rid of them. They are also quite painful and should be done without medical advice.

With the best methods, genital warts treatment is possible with ease.